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A Life Development Coaching Game

It’s fun, illuminating and meaningful!

If there is some issue or challenge in your life, work or career that you feel stuck with or bothered by and you are looking for a creative new way to approach it then a Lumination session might be just right for you.

Would you appreciate the opportunity to cast some light on the question or problem, to get new perspective? Playing the game helps you to touch a deeper part of yourself that can generate clear, creative solutions? And if you choose to participate as part of a group session it can be really helpful to receive powerful feedback from others too.

Some questions previous participants have brought and found help with.

  • How can I prioritise myself more?
  • How can I move my business forward?
  • What is my life purpose?
  • What do I really want from the next phase of my life?
  • What is holding me back from getting my book written?
  • How do I decide what school to send my child to?

Lumination is played as a non-competitive game that focusses on each individual with group interaction. It is designed to stimulate creative problem solving and group interactions. I take care to create a safe, supportive space with no more than 6 players, so that everyone can be engaged and open. This ensures you have time to focus purely on yourself and your issue. At the same time. the process of listening to and supporting other people with their challenges prompts you to reflect in new ways on your own issues.

It is a very powerful, entertaining way of gaining new insight into the issues you bring. It stimulates a wonderfully creative route to discovering your next steps forward. It’s both thought provoking and good fun.!

If you already know the power of being coached then you will immediately recognise the potential of this session to help you overcome your present difficulties and move you forward. If you are new to or wary of coaching, then this is an ideal opportunity to find out and to find your solutions too.

I will be running occasional Lumination coaching sessions. Groups are run with maximum 6 places, or you may choose to play in a one to one session.

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