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Help with Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Poor Self-Esteem or Depression and Trauma Release

Have experienced any of the following or similar?

  • Lack of confidence, poor self-esteem, lack of assertiveness
  • Stuck in past fear, shame or anger. Ruminating, unable to move on.
  • Difficulties forming or maintaining relationships with others
  • Avoiding asking for promotion or go for a job interview
  • Not daring to speak up for yourself in public
  • Being bullied and undermined or humiliated

There is no need to feel permanently locked in or locked out! It is more than possible to put an end to living with anxiety, panic attacks or depression. Overcome barriers, open possibilities. Optimise your potential to flourish. Learn to let go of past hurts and fears. Improve your relationships. Dare to dream, dare to step out into the unknown and create new possibilities.

Relieve Stress, Overwhelm, Procrastination, Feeling Stuck

Have you had enough of:

  • Feeling exhausted and tired out?
  • Unable to think clearly or make any decisions?
  • Either sleeping too deeply or unable to sleep well?
  • Feeling stuck and/or hopeless?
  • Constantly running but getting nowhere?
  • Crying or getting irritable unnecessarily or too often?

With clarity you can learn to see beyond and move beyond your feared limitations to build and enjoy the life you want to live. Learn how to deeply relax and listen to your unacknowledged needs and wisdom. Discover and strengthen your personal resources, learning to recognise and release negative thinking patterns and unhelpful expectations.

Social or Performance Anxiety, Assertiveness

Would you like to learn how to:

  • Overcome shyness and social phobia?
  • Express yourself clearly and confidently in groups or in public?
  • Make a call or answer the phone with ease and a calm, clear voice?
  • Express your own opinions with sincerity and confidence?
  • Learn to set boundaries to bullies and aggressive behaviour?
  • Carry yourself with quiet, calm confidence in new situations?
  • Stop anticipating negative outcomes?
  • Overcome reluctance to start dating?
  • Feel easy about starting conversations and small talk?

You may well have felt anxious about performance or social situations throughout your life. And yes, social situations do include a sense of performance too. The worry and fear you feel before going out with others or meeting new people, or perhaps giving a presentation at work, can be all consuming and even painful. This stomach churning anxiety naturally leads to your avoiding these situations, leaving you frustrated and probably self-reprimanding. Of course you can't perform at your best when all of this turmoil is going on inside.

Hypnosis, and some of the other techniques I use, can naturally and quickly change your emotions, the way you think about these situations and consequently the way you behave. You will no longer find yourself avoiding meeting people or not putting yourself forward for opportunities to get noticed. You can break the cycle of isolation and fear that keeps you trapped, lonely and feeling unappreciated.

You Can Achieve The Success You Desire!

Control Weight and End Body-Image Issues

Would you like to be able to:

  • Drop a dress size (or two)?
  • Feel in control of your eating habits and diet?
  • Learn to like your body (or whichever part you have always hated)?
  • Get yourself 'Beach Ready'?
  • Feel healthy, energised and radiant?
  • Be happy being you?

Contact me to discuss your needs for one-to-one work and or group work.

This is a field which is fraught with difficulties, not least of which is the shame and embarrassment that many overweight people suffer from. This often stops them reaching out for the help they most need.

Exactly how to lose weight and feel good about yourself is a far more complex issue that many would have us believe. Bland statements like, “Just eat less and exercise more” can even make matters worse. The shame, loneliness and feelings of loss of control that many overweight people struggle with can be so undermining that some fear there can be no help and no solutions for them.

I have developed a mutifaceted, individually tailored life-management system called The Right Weight For Life™. It is designed to support you, in a completely non-judgemental way. To help you achieve success with these issues, we will work in a more subtle, in-depth way than many standard approaches do.

End Habits, Addictions, Phobias​

  • Quit Smoking
  • Extreme or irrational fears e.g.., Flying
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Weekend Bingeing.

From nail biting and fear of flying to self-medicating with cigarettes or alcohol, we often find ourselves ‘stuck’ in unhelpful patterns of behaviour that we feel impotent to change. Some of these are simple remnants of childhood patterns or ‘survival mechanisms’ that have become disproportionate to our needs and lifestyle. Hypnosis can be particularly helpful in changing those patterns to free you up to enjoy a more healthy and fulfilling life.

You Can Achieve The Success You Desire!