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I consider myself such a fortunate person, not least because I can honestly say that I love the work I do now as a Hypnotherapist and Coach.

Over the course of my life I have struggled with (sometimes crippling) lack of self-belief. From school to Teacher Training College, from working as an artist to setting up my own business, lack of confidence has been a regular companion. Procrastination has been another of my journey mates, feeling completely overwhelmed by the enormity of the task I set out to do and not always sure that I’d chosen the ‘right path’.

The upside is that I have had a wonderfully varied and fulfilling life. Among other things, I have worked in social services, with the elderly, teaching English as a foreign Language. I have exhibited internationally as an artist, and travelled extensively with my family.

Originally from a somewhat broken and dysfunctional family myself, I set out to create and sustain a strong, nurturing core for my own family. Caring for my three young children and hard-working husband for 8 years in Brazil and 4 years in Indonesia taught me an awful lot about basic human needs and cross cultural differences.

It was this special interest in how we develop (or get stuck) as social beings and as individuals at the same time, that led me to follow a path of studies in personal development and emotional health. From having participated in group retreats and a 21 day individual retreat in a Buddhist monastery in Brazil, to spending time in inaccessible villages in Indonesia or Botswana and living in a metropolis like London or Manchester, it has all fed my soul and my learning about people. I’m endlessly fascinated by our vicissitudes, our vulnerabilities and our immense power for self-healing, growth and caring.

I went on later to formalise my learnings with training in NLP, Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy. It is these skills, along with my creativity and solution focus that I now offer in my practice to help my clients listen to their inner voices and natural wisdom. I help them gain insight, courage and motivation or to release past hurts and fears that keep them stuck. I help guide them to make lasting changes so that they can move on to create a life of fulfillment and happiness for themselves and those who matter to them.