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Jason E Cooper
Until I met Jane my life, and therefore my familys life, was dictated to by my anxiety and the moods that were brought with it. I hated myself, I hated the world not a great existence. Jane has changed all this and I feel a different person, calmer, tolerant and more reflective, She helped me find the root cause of all issues and worked on them with me. I still see her when my "black shadow" comes a knocking and as other issues come to light, but Jane has helped me completely change my life, and resolved an almighty conflict within myself. I cannot recommend her enough; as long as you are open and honest she will help you get back on track. Jason
Tammy Boydell
Jane's wealth of experience combined with her calm and reassuring presence has helped me considerably when getting clarity on issues and seeking solutions. I know I can rely on her in a crisis to support me and help me regain my balance. I thoroughly recommend trying a session with her. You won't be disappointed.
B. Love
Being Viennese I'm particularly picky when it comes to therapy (yup, since we invented it, we are all born specialists). I saw several people in London, usually only for a very short time, until I found Jane whose work is refreshingly creative and intuitive. Not the 'lie down on the coach and tell your family history'-kind of sessions, but journeys filled with experiments and adventures that can help open doors you never knew existed.
Mrs. G.

I attended a Lumination workshop with Jane,

Not being sure what to expect from the morning, I found it thought provoking and interesting, fun and enjoyable. It raised my self-awareness of the issues I have and has given me insight and ideas of small steps to take and how to make them happen.