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Lose Weight without Dieting!
Hypnotherapy, Coaching, CBT, NLP and Mindfulness

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If you want your brain retrained to eat like a slim person, then join me on a group or an individual programme of weight loss and life management. Lose weight easily, healthily and sustainably.

I want you to feel good in your body, shop where you want and go to those buffet dinners free of worries and concerns.

Individual Programmes

Many people find the idea of weight groups a little intimidating.
If you prefer to work individually on your personal relationship with food, drinking and weight management issues, the programme I have developed will take you much deeper into the psychology of why you eat and how those habits were formed. We draw on new findings in nuroscience and recent research into diet, exercise and your personal make-up. This is tailored to your specific needs and we work at the pace that is best suited to you.

A Hypno-Gastric Band session is also available but only after following a course of 5 sessions where we look into your habits, beliefs, attitudes and needs.

Call Jane if you are interested in organising a group.

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